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Estate Planning


Effective estate planning requires that wills and trusts be drafted in a manner that allows the persons who succeed you to properly carry out your wishes.  At the same time, it is important that the documents accurately reflect your thoughts. Mr. Riley and his legal assistant, Donna Johnson, take the time to listen to your needs so that Mr. Riley can create documents that can easily be understood by the persons you have designated to carry out the terms of your estate plan, after your death.  In certain situations, the use of a Last Will and Testament as the primary vehicle for transferring assets to others, at your death, is the most appropriate strategy to follow.  In other situations, the use of a Living Trust will, typically, avoid the need for opening a probate estate at your death, and could reduce the overall administrative costs at that time.  The decision as to which vehicle should be used must always be in keeping with the client's desires.  No matter which direction is followed, it is important that clients fully understand all of their options before making a decision regarding the creation of estate planning documents.   HERE IS A BRIEF VIDEO WHICH GIVES AN OVERVIEW OF A TYPICAL TRUST PORTFOLIO:


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